Sebastian Inlet State Park {Florida}

We drove down the Atlantic coast in search of a dog beach the other day. We didn’t find the dog beach, but instead we found the Sebastian Inlet State Park which proved to be one of the greatest treasures. This state park has access to the beach and the ocean on one side, and on the other side stretches along this tiny peninsula with a bay on each side. We were surrounded by people enjoying the quiet day. People were out on their boats fishing or sunbathing. Some were kayaking their way through the still waters. Others were having picnics or gatherings in one of the many pavilions or fire pits. We played at the playground and walked the walking path. Then we went to the water’s edge to look for seashells. I couldn’t believe all the shells that covered the ground and covered the bottom of the bay. Because we just moved here from Utah, the sight of ocean and seashells is still somewhat a novelty to us. This state park was perfect for a relaxing day and I think it will become a favorite place for us to go.

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