I ALWAYS get the photo pass

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I take a lot of pictures all of the time. It may seem obnoxious to those around me, but I keep doing it because pictures are important. Even though we always think we will remember things, the truth is we don’t. Memory fades over time and it is hard to recall details that at the time were so incredibly important to us. So for me, I make it a point to take a lot of pictures because I want to remember as much as I can about it. I take pictures of who I’m with, what’s around me, and some of the things that happen.

With this obsessiveness about pictures, it will not surprise you that I always want every picture I can get my hands on. Anytime you go to theme parks or cruises or anywhere else that will take your picture all around the place- get the photo pass. Is it expensive? Usually. But is it worth it? Absolutely. While we all still take pictures on our phone or camera to capture the day, it’s also good to have those professional photos. That way you can always look back and remember the day in those moments that you may not have had your camera ready. For example, having a copy of the picture of your family as you went down Splash Mountain for the first time, or the lovely picture taken at dinner on your anniversary cruise. While you can purchase individual pictures from all of these places, why would you ever want to have to decide which one or two to get when you could have all of them.

a favorite picture from the photo pass at Disney, my daughter wanted her hair to be like Minnie

Pictures are important. They are what will carry us back across to what we have forgotten. So may I suggest to take a lot of pictures and always get the photopass.

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