Cocoa Beach {Florida}

Cocoa Beach is considered the best surfing destination on the east coast. It’s no wonder why they have claimed that title since it is the home of Kelly Slater- 11 time world surfing champion. You can find his name and picture all over the city, but especially at the Ron Jon surf shop.

This surf shop is a massive tribute to Ron Jon and to anyone who wants to ride those waves. You can see pictures of the athletes that have been sponsored over the years, including Kelly Slater, and you can see specific surfboards that have been part of making history. Within the store you can see specialized surf boards that were made specifically for Ron Jon and you can pop across the street to see the small but well loved surf museum in the Ron Jon rental center.

Millions flock to Cocoa Beach every year wanting to surf the waves that holds such legendary moments. Whether someone is just starting out or have been doing it for years, Cocoa Beach is the place to be.

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