Gila Valley Cliff Dwellings National Monument {New Mexico}

A few years ago I found myself in New Mexico and it didn’t take long to realize why it’s called ‘The Land of Enchantment’. I ventured out one day to see the Gila Valley Cliff Dwellings. This was one of the first national monuments established by President Roosevelt. It became a national monument on November 16, 1907.

These cliff dwellings were the home of the ancient people called the Mogollon. They are believed to have been in this area in the early 1200’s. The Mogollon were nomads, wandering from place to place and building temporary communities along the way.

Here in New Mexico, these dwellings that were carved into the rock offered them shelter from the elements but also from animals who couldn’t climb the rocks. These homes would fit dozens of families into a small space.

Walking through the dwellings you can see some preserved artifacts from the people and markings left behind on the walls. It was really a humbling experience to see these small spaces and think about all the people who called it home.

It was so interesting to learn about the Mogollon people and to see their homes built into the rocks. It was a wonderful part of New Mexico to discover! {Know if you go: it is quite a drive down some winding roads to get there so be sure to have a good GPS so you don’t get lost}

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