Kilimanjaro Safari- Animal Kingdom {Florida}

One of the best parts of Animal Kingdom is the safari. If you do nothing else be sure to ride this. You are loaded up into a large vehicle and you drive through the wilderness areas and see the animals there. The animals are not behind cages, but they are doing what they do while happily ignoring all the people taking their picture. You drive right by the animals and sometimes if they are feeling particularly curious they will come right up to see the people. They have really paid honor to the animals there by creating a place for them where they can be taken care of while still feel at home in an environment like their natural habitat. For the best animal viewing try to go in the morning because they animals are more active. We were thrilled to see so many baby giraffes and a baby elephant playing by its mama. After the safari be sure to take the two walking paths (one in the Africa area and one in the Asia area) so you can see even more of the beautiful animals that call this place home.

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