American Girl Store {Florida}

We went on a mommy/daughter date to the American Girl Store. We started out in the cafe where the hostess asked if we had a doll with us or if we would like to borrow one for our meal. We borrowed a doll and a doll seat that sat at the table. The silverware was wrapped with a pink ribbon hair band that we got to keep. And the hostess brought out a tiny place mat, plate, and glass for the doll that we also got to keep. We were surrounded by girls of all ages enjoying food together and playing with their dolls. Afterwards, we wandered through the store looking at all of the different American Girl dolls. They had hundreds of different kinds of dolls, diversities, and activities. While I was a little disappointed that some of the classic dolls from when I was younger, but it is understandable since they have to make way for so many new ones. It was such a fun day with my favorite girl.

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