Penguins of Antarctica- Sea World {Florida}

Sea World is full of so many incredible sea animals- but our favorite area by far is the Antarctica area which is dedicated to the penguins. The area is like walking into one giant iceberg. There is a Penguin ride which offers two speeds and experiences, one more fast and thrilling and the other slow and interesting. But you can also opt to not ride either one and just make you way directly to see the penguins. Sadly the ride itself was closed because they were doing maintenance on it. But we were so excited to see the penguins we didn’t care much. Sea World is home to hundreds of penguins of different kinds and ages. And to be right up close to them and being able to watch them play and swim and talk to each other is amazing. This is probably our favorite part of Sea World and we will definitely be back to say hello to our penguin friends.

{Know if you go:: Penguins like it cold obviously so be sure to bring a jacket or sweatshirt with you if you want to really stay and enjoy the penguins. The people who work there are in ultra warm winter coats because they are standing there for so long. Come prepared because the penguins are worth spending a lot of time with}

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