Wizarding World of Harry Potter- Universal Studios {Florida}

Everyone knows Harry Potter and the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. And with that, Universal Studios gets flooded everyday by muggles wanting to feel like they are part of the wizarding world. The Wizarding World is made up of two parts- Hogsmede and Diagon Alley- providing hours of entertainment. So allow me to share with you my favorite things to do in the wizarding world:

(PS, can we just take a minute to look at this picture with so few people in it! Everyone made their way to Hagrid’s Moterbike ride which left the rest of the park near empty)

  • The Rides–Of course all the rides are awesome. The new ride of Hagrid’s Moterbike is probably my all time favorite ride now. The rides offer a single rider line if you are willing to ride solo to cut down wait times. The lines however offer a great immersion all their own as they take you through the buildings. But if rides are not your thing, you can still enjoy the tour through.
  • The food– no trip to the wizarding world is complete without a meal at either the Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Caldron. Both places offer a mix of English and American food and a number of themed drinks to go with them (I always go for the frozen butterbeer but the pumpkin juice is pretty great too)
  • The shops– I could honestly spend hours just wandering through all the shops because the detail to each of them is amazing. Always look up in the shops because that is where a lot of the artistry is. Check out the shops along Knockturn Alley for some dark magic things, pop into the joke shop for bright frivolity, and the candy shop for all kinds of magical mouth watering delights.
  • The wands– there is no shortage of wands in the wizarding world and the best is being selected to find your perfect wand in the wand shop. These speciality wand can be used all over the park where with a wave you can create your own magic. There are also recreation wands of every character good or bad from the movies.
  • The details– there are surprises and thrills all over the park if you know where to look for them. Check out the Knight bus and talk to the shrunken head, make a call from the phone booth for the Ministry of Magic, look for Kreacher poking his head out above Number 12 Grimmald Place, enjoy the moving pictures on the cover of books or newspapers, talk to a goblin while you convert your money just outside of Gringotts, and take the Hogwarts Express for a thrill.
  • The people– here’s the truth, my all time favorite part of the wizarding world is the people. The people who work there who get so into the role because they want you to really feel part of it. And the people who come dressed up in the robes and house colors carrying their wands around the park help to feel that you have been transported to the wizarding world. It is all about immersion and it is the people surrounding you that really make that happen.

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