Ashley’s Restaurant {Florida}

So I will tell you right now, I’m a major scaredy-cat. I’ve never been one to enjoy being scared and I generally avoid any place that boasts of haunted happenings. I’ve driven past Ashley’s Restaurant hundreds of time, daily passing the beautiful Tudor style house of the restaurant. Finally, I decided that I had to try it out. This restaurant is considered one of the top haunted Florida destinations. Originally built in 1933, the restaurant has gone through its fair share of owners and catchy names. But the throughout all the changes, the legend of the haunted powder room has remained constant. The story goes that in 1934 a young woman was murdered and her body was found close to the restaurant. The last place that she was seen was in the restaurant. Since then people have seen her in the ladies restroom or felt they were being pushed or bumped while on the stairs. Combine the spooky aspect with the great food and vintage atmosphere with the karaoke machine going outside on the patio, and you get an all around great place to eat. But truth be told- I did steer clear of the ladies room.

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