Knob Trail/ Rock Trail- Barfield Cresent Park {Tennessee}

We went back to Barfield Cresent Park where we loved the paved trail, but this time we discovered a great hike. The knob trail starts behind the wilderness station and goes for only few miles. It breaks off to the Rock Trail which is the loop that we took. We loved this hike. There are all kinds of huge rocks, making deep impressive crevices. With so many trees surrounding the crevices, it was like walking through a fairy land. The only thing we were not quite ready for were the parts where you have to step or jump over the deep crevices to continue on the trail. With Brad carrying Tessa in the pack, and me being pulled by Scout, we just about had a fall down between the rocks. But we managed to keep our footing and finished the hike. Now I would say it is probably our new favorite place to hike and we would highly recommend it.

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