Cannonsburgh Village {Tennessee}

This last weekend we went to check out the Cannonsburgh Village in downtown Murfreesboro. This village dates back to the 1700’s where it was the bustling center of town. I love historic places like this and the introspection it gives as you compare your own way of life to another time. We got to see the old mill, the one room school house, town hall, and the mercantile store. There is a large museum devoted to machinery of all kinds used during that time period that is housed in the original warehouse. And another original building is now home to a beautiful art gallery of local artists. We walked down through the isle of tractors and got to see one of the very fist tractors that was built and then see the progression of them throughout the years. My favorite part was the little chapel with the incredible stained glass windows.

Cannonsburgh Village is also home to one of Murfreesboro great roadside attractions…the worlds largest cedar bucket. This bucket was built as a promotional item by the Tennessee Red Cedar Woodenworks Company in 1887. This bucket stands at 6 feet tall and holds 1,556 gallons. It withstood the hundreds of years, until a group of arsonists decided to set fire to it back in 2005. Now the reproduction stands safely guarded against such vandalism in it’s own building on the property. While the building makes it a little hard to really see and grasp the size of it, it is still a must see and a claim to fame here in Murfreesboro.

{Know if you go :: Cannonsburgh Village is free to explore. Usually the summer time here offers great concerts of lively music. They offer blacksmith classes as well. It is always good to call ahead before you visit to make sure they don’t have an event going on.}

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