Cedar Forest Trail- Cedars of Lebanon State Park {Tennessee}

As much as we enjoyed our time in Florida, we missed hiking so much. So now that we are back in a place with such a wealth of hiking places, we just want to check them all out. So this weekend took us to two state parks to get in some time on the trails.

The first state park we ventured to this weekend was Cedars of Lebanon State Park, named after the groves of cedar trees that reminded early settlers about the Lebanese cedar forests in the bible. What we loved about this park was that all of the trails are easy to hike so they are perfect for people who are new to hiking, or people like us who are getting our hiking muscles back in action. For our time we decided on the Cedar Forest Trail that took us on a lovely 2 mile loop through the groves of cedars and past a few giant sinkholes. It was so beautiful! It was a perfect place for a weekend hike and we can’t wait to come back to try out the other trails-especially Hidden Spring Trail at the other side of the park.

For more information and planning guides for this park, go to:: https://tnstateparks.com/parks/cedars-of-lebanon

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