After this, we need a vacation

Well, we have made it through our fist two months of living in Tennessee. We were in Florida, waiting for things to pan out and move forward, and when they did it was all at once. Moving to another state in the heat of summer and during a pandemic was definitely a new experience. We had a few days to try to unpack and get ready and then Brad and I started work at our new jobs, Tessa started at her new preschool, and Scout started at a new puppy daycare place. Talk about a lot of adjustments all at once.

When we got here we started working with our realtor to find a house. Within the first week of being here we found a house that we loved and we put in an offer. But when the inspection came through we realized that the house needed far more work then we were ready to take on right now. So we continued looking. House hunting is such an emotional endeavor as you try to figure out all the particulars of what you need and what you can afford. But I’m happy to report that we found another house to buy. Our house is in a new development and is just being built. Because we bought it while it was still under construction, we got to select some of the details about the construction. So we spent a couple weeks swimming in swatch books and making what felt like hundreds of decisions with lots of phone calls to people who know more about building and designing houses than we do. So now our house is in the works and we get to move in mid-November! We are so excited to be in our own place and start our new chapter there.

After all of this, we are in need of a vacation. We are anxiously waiting for this weekend so we can make our way to Gatlinburg for a few days. It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since Brad and I had a few days to spend with just us…as in I think the last time we did that was 3 years ago…so it is very overdue. So while Tessa gets to play with Grandma for a few days, Brad and I will be adventuring to see all the delights of Gatlinburg. Have you been to Gatlinburg? What are some of the must dos while we are there?

In other news, I’ll be updating my blog here soon so be on the lookout for the new and improved site of Grand Misadventures.

Come on weekend- hurry up and get here! I am so ready for a vacation! 🙂

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