Monster Mash Burger {Tennessee}

When you’re in Pigeon Forge, there is no shortage of kitschy themed places to eat. There are dinner entertainment show for every taste and interest and a bunch of smaller themed restaurants as well. While we didn’t really want to go to a dinner show on this trip (which is good since we would never have been able to narrow it down to one) we knew we couldn’t leave Pigeon Forge without some kind of themed dinner. So we ended up at Monster Mash Burgers with an old Hollywood monster them. The entrance is guarded by Sasquatch and the curbside pickup is called the Ghouls Galley. Inside the walls are grey stone with memorabilia from all the classic monster movies and enlarged movie shots of those movies. And the names of the items on their menu are clever. This makes for a fun dining experience, especially to get you in the mood for Halloween, while still being a low key place to eat.

You can check out their menu at::

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