Henry Horton State Park {Tennessee}

When we moved to Tennessee, we purchased a number of books about where to go and what to see. One of our favorite Tennessee books was all about the different scenic drives you can take around the state and the points of interest with each drive. We decided to take the drive closest to our house this weekend and see what we could find along its path. We drove through some beautiful farm country and saw some lovely small towns. But the end of the drive brought us to Henry Horton State Park and we loved it! This is not a state park that offers trails to hike and waterfalls to see. This is a park that still holds the ideals of state parks of old and is a place to come to gather, to relax, and to enjoy. This park is huge with lots of green space to place, 10 or so playgrounds, picnic tables and pavilions, a splash pad, and access to the Duck River. And if that was not enough it is also home to a swimming pool, clay pigeon shooting, a golf course, cabins, and a restaurant. This is somewhere you want to bring your entire family for a reunion or birthday or any other kind of get together. It is a perfect place to unwind and to reconnect.

For more on all the amenities that this park offers then go to:: https://tnstateparks.com/parks/henry-horton

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