Booker T. Washington State Park {Tennessee}

This weekend we drove down to Chattanooga and drove through the beautiful downtown area. After stopping by a favorite Mediterranean restaurant for lunch, we then made our way out of town to check out a new state park. There are two state parks right by each other in this area, but for this trip we only ventured to one- Booker T. Washington State Park.

This state park is a much smaller park than others that we have visited, only about 300 acres, and definitely more of a wild, natural area that takes you on an easy trail that winds around a loop down to the Chickamauga Lake. The trail loop is only about a mile and an easy trail to hike. While we enjoyed the short walk through the trees, this is not a trail with amazing views or rewarding destination. But if you were to go to the park for some quiet time on the lake then it’s a great choice.

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