Deer Trail- Long Hunter State Park {Tennessee}

We spent Sunday afternoon enjoying the bright loveliness of Long Hunter State Park. This state park is just outside of the Nashville area and is a very popular destination. Sitting next to the Percy Priest Lake it offers a wide variety of trails to walk and access points to the water. We decided to do the deer trail because it is one of two trails that allows dogs. The trail made for a perfect walk as we made our way through the trees and the tall grass. We drove through the rest of the park and decided that this is definitely as park we could come back to anytime we are in the area because it was so accessible and enjoyable with so many activities. They have a Storybook Trail at this park, but we will have to see it the next time we come and leave Scout at home.

{Know if you go:: This trail has a sign warning of ticks in this area. Be sure your dog has been treated for ticks and keep an eye out for any bug that drops down on you. But don’t let the worry of ticks take away from this beautiful trail!}

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