Mammoth Cave Rail Trial {Kentucky}

Before making our way home, we decided to do one last trail at the park. And we were thrilled to discover the Mammoth Cave Rail Trail. The railroad was first used after the Civil War to help bring thousands of visitors to the park. The train offered transportation with a number of stops at points of interest from Glasgow Junction and the cost of a ticket would get you a ride on the train, entrance to the caves, hotel stay, and meals all for $12. The railroad ran from 1886 to mid 1890s. Today the train still stands as a testament to that time and visitors to the park can enjoy a lovely walk down along the route the train would take. While no longer on the rails, the path is an easy walk around the beautiful area of the park and it is well worth experiencing. We loved our peaceful walk along the rail trail as the last of our weekend at the park and can’t wait to come back and find some more of its wonders.

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