Huntsville {Alabama}

We spent a couple of days exploring Huntsville, Alabama and what I discovered is that Huntsville is a city of hidden gems. Behind a fascade of something oridnary and mundance lies some of the greatest places to go.

We started off the weekend with a trip to the Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment building. Housed in an old factory, now is the home to hundreds of artist studios of such a overwhelming diversity of art and craft.

Just down the road from the arts center is Campus No. 805 which at one point in time was a middle school. Instead of tearing it down, the building was converted into a brewery. The brewery takes up what use to be the gym while the rest of the school is home to eclectic local restaurants and coffee shops. The building still looks like the middle school it once was but today is a thriving hip place to be.

Afterwards we had dinner at Hildegard’s German Cuisine which was a small restaurant tucked away in a corner of small shopping area. The food was excellent and is rated one of the best places to eat in the city. But unless you were looking for it you would never know it’s there.

The next day we went to Monte Sano State Park which is an out of the way park that offers incredible views of the valley and the trails through the trees are so beautiful.
And last but certainly not least was the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. You can see the rockets from the highway but what you see is so minimal compared to the incredible wealth of history and information that is housed in the building itself.

Huntsville is an amazing city with treasures hidden throughout. The idea of taking an old run down building and giving it new life while still maintaining the integrity of the building is incredible. The places to eat and the parks that do not need a lot of fanfare of publicity but quietly offer wonderful experiences to their visitors. And the space center that gives a glimpse into our history and makes us wonder about our future and if we could ever be among the stars. Huntsville has so much to offer its visitors if only you can find it.

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