Sewanee: University of the South {Tennessee}

We spent a cool, foggy morning exploring the beautiful town of Sewanee, home to the University of the South. This campus is so beautiful and the architecture of the buildings are incredible. If you didn’t know you were in Tennessee, it would be easy to mistake this campus for somewhere in Europe. The entire town is made up of the campus. Any residential areas surrounding the campus are home to professors and professionals that work at the university. The roads around campus and the town are small roads that wind their way through the trees and houses. And the fall leaves and the fog just gave the entire place a wonderfully spooky and ethereal look to the place. Not only does this university boast of beautiful architecture, but it is a top rated school offering wide variety of programs including a program in theology. But even if you are not interested in attending college here, you can’t miss such a lovely walk around their campus.

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