Salt Lake City International Airport {Utah}

I have spent a lot of time in and out of the Salt Lake City airport in my life. I knew my way around that airport like I lived there. So imagine my surprise a few years ago when they announced that they were going to update the airport into something more modern. And so on this trip home to Utah, I stepped off the plane and entered a entirely new building. I honestly forgot where I was for a minute there. But the new terminal is absolutely incredible! So allow me to give you a brief glimpse of this new and amazing airport that gave this seasoned pro of the old SLC a run for my money. And the fact that they had it decorated for the holidays just added to the beauty of it all.

This new airport is spacious and bright and modern. It has taken into consideration every aspect of traffic flow to make it continual and effortless. Particularly in that regard is that they have created a designated waiting area. Because groups gathering welcoming home loved ones is so great, they have made a space where families can wait for their loved one without being in the way of the baggage claim or other passengers making their way out of the airport. The walkways between gates are decorated with beautiful murals along the walls giving visitors a small taste of the beauty that the state offers. And when we returned and had to go through the security- I have never seen such a streamlined process to get through security with new technology that really follows suit with this fast paced world. I did not take a picture of the security area because I was working to get us all through and to our plane. But I would say that other airports should definitely take a page out of SLC airport’s book. This new airport is absolutely incredible and it gave me the feeling of being home and a new adventure all at the same time.

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