Festival of Trees {Utah}

It was so great being home in Utah for Thanksgiving! But if we could have stayed for just a few more days, then we would have gotten to enjoy an all time favorite family tradition by going to the Festival of Trees. It is difficult to put into words the magnitude of this event and what it means to so many people. Held in the largest convention center in Salt Lake City is the festival. And the thing to know about the festival of trees is absolutely every penny that they make doing this goes to the Primary Children’s Hospital. Every year people from all over the state put together incredible Christmas trees and displays. There have been trees of all kinds and each one of them is full of love and creativity by the people who make them. There are hundreds and hundreds of trees-both tall and small- along with hundreds of wreaths, quilts, baked goods, homemade toys and crafts, and gingerbread houses. Local dance groups and music groups perform on one of the stages providing a background of added festivities. Everything there is donated. It is very common to see pictures of children who were served by the hospital or by loved ones who have passed away as people dedicate their tree and the proceeds from it in loving memory. Once it is all set up, then businesses and individuals can come and take part of the auction of all the items there. When you see how much time and effort and love someone puts into a tree, and then see how much a business paid for that tree, knowing that everything they make goes to helping children of all ages at the hospital- it is truly humbling. In this season of giving, how beautiful it is to think of all the thousands of children who get the medical help they need because so many are willing to give of their time, their creativity, their talents, and their love to make the Festival of Trees such an experience.

For more on this beautiful tribute to the season and all it does go to:: https://intermountainhealthcare.org/primary-childrens/give/festival-of-trees

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