Holidays In Murfreesboro Square {Tennessee}

We made our way to downtown Murfreesboro for some holiday delights. We started at Cannonsburgh Village, a reconstructed pioneer village and the original city center from the 1830’s, and enjoyed a quick drive thru to see their light displays that they have set up on the old buildings. While not a big display or a big holiday experience, this little corner of the city has been beautifully preserved and their light display’s simplicity was lovely.

After that we decided that nothing suits a cold night better than getting icecream…because clearly that makes a lot of sense. But we were delighted to discover Hattie Jane’s Creamery right off the main square. This little creamery sits next to a trendy restaurant where they share owners and also share an entrance patio. But the creamery had created their own little ice cave bedecked with lights and festive cheer. We loved their specialty ice cream flavors and loved the touches of the season that they had put up all around. We may have questionable timing when it comes to ice cream, but apparently we have great taste in ice cream because it was absolutely delicious.

But my favorite part of our little drive was seeing the Town Hall building all lit up with green and the sparkling lights. Like a wonderfully festive beacon, bringing everyone to the town center to come together for the holiday. It may have been simple, but we loved our trip to downtown and the holiday cheer it offered us.

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