Tims Ford State Park {Tennessee}

We spent a cloudy morning taking a walk along one of the many trails at Tims Ford State Park. Tims Ford Lake is not only large, but with many different off shoots of the lake it makes it so any trail you take you will be rewarded with views of the lake. For our walk we decided to go for a trail that was close to the visitor center since it looked like it could rain any minute.

We were excited to discover the park’s storybook trail where we read ‘Anybody Home?” by Marianne Berkes on a series of boards set up along the trail. One of the things we love about the Tennessee state parks is that so many of them offer a storybook trail that goes along a short easy trail and is perfect for kids. Each page of the book is enlarged and set on a board and kids get to make their way along the trail reading the book and learning something about animals and the environment.

After finishing up the storybook trail we kept on walking down the once paved path down to the water. Because it is winter still, the water level was much lower than it usually is. We loved seeing the different layers set in the side of the lake and the peaceful calm of the water. We loved walking through the golden leaves of the beech trees as they get ready for a new season of growth. It was a perfect walk on a cloudy day enjoying the natural beauty of the park.

For more on this state park and it’s many trails, go to ::tnstateparks.com/parks/tims-ford

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