This Summer I am Going to….

ISRAEL!!! That’s right friends, this summer I have the amazing opportunity to experience the Holy Land. I am beyond excited (and also a little nervous if I’m being honest) about getting to go to Israel. Currently I am working on my masters degree at Middle Tennessee State University and decided to apply for their study abroad program in Israel this summer as part of my program. Because I have always wanted to go to Israel, but never thought I would because it’s not somewhere I would feel comfortable to plan a trip by myself, being able to go with such a group makes it possible. I’m not really nervous about being there or the cultural differences since again I’ll be with a group with safety measures in place… the thing that has me the most worried is that I am very prone to heat exhaustion and I’m going to the Middle East during the middle of the summer. So please, any advice you may have about not getting heat exhaustion while I’m there send my way! Till then I’ll be anxiously awaiting July and reading as much as I can to prepare for this incredible adventure that is in store for me.

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