100 days till Israel…and all the places till then

The next few months are already filling up with places to go and things to do. Because it’s one of the best times of year to travel before summer comes, we’ve had a lot of requests to go and visit people and have people come and visit us. Our calendar is filling up and I couldn’t be more excited about all the upcoming adventures!

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This coming weekend we are making our way to Louisville, Kentucky to meet up with my step-dad. I’ve been to this great city before, but I’m looking forward to seeing it again and sharing it with my family.

My husband is really wanting us to make a quick trip to Branson, Missouri one weekend in April so that we can get one more day at Silver Dollar City before summer comes. I think his parents will meet us there so they can take Tessa on all the rides that their kids loved and enjoy the grandparent time with her.

May will bring a weekend in Smoky Mountain National Park so we can be there to see all the flowers in bloom. From what I have heard, May is the best time because all the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom and cover the foothills of the mountains.

Also in May Tessa and I will be flying out to Los Osos, California which is right near the coast in the northern part of the state. I have a friend there who has always been a second mother to me but because of Covid and her numerous health problems I haven’t been able to see her for a couple of years. So since I am getting my vaccine here soon, I can make my way out to see her.

June will take us back to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my friend and her family. This trip is going to be more in Atlanta then in nearby areas so we can see the sites that the city has to offer.

And then comes July and my study abroad to Israel. Only 100 days from now…100 days, but who’s counting… and I will step off the plane ready to begin my Holy Land experience. I’m working on getting things ready for my trip, but thankfully because it’s a study abroad most the preparations are being handled by the school. So till then, I will just be joyously anticipating the experience.

Whew, that’s quite the calendar already! Have you been to any of these places? Any suggestions or recommendations you could share with me? So excited to share all these places with you! Thanks for following along on my grand misadventures!

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  1. That is quite an itinerary! I didn’t realise that you could travel overseas already. In Australia we won’t be allowed overseas until end of the year!
    Have fun on your journies ✈️

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