Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen {Tennessee}

If you are hungry for the best comfort food, then let the queen of southern cooking Paula Deen show you to her restaurant. After visiting the Opry, we were ready for lunch and decided to try out Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen and I would say this is our new favorite place to eat. It is set up as an all you can eat, family style meal. So you decide as a group on 2 or 3 main dishes and 4 or 5 sides and then they bring out as much of those things as you could desire. The food is so good and gives all the warmth and calories that makes up the best of comfort food. Dessert is included and everyone gets their own so you don’t have to share. We took a stroll through the items for sale, stocking up on some of the dessert mixes and putting the cookbooks at the top of our wish list. This place really does make you feel like you’ve come to a large family gathering that abounds in great food and great company.

Go to: for more on this great place to eat.


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