Music & Wine at Arrington Vineyards {Tennessee}

Just outside of Nashville, in the beautiful area of Franklin and tucked away from the main roads, is Arrington Vineyards. We had family in town and decided on a picnic here at the vineyard and we could not have found a more perfect place to enjoy a summer day.

All through Nashville you can find an abundance of bars and restaurants owned by some country artist or another. But one country artist wanted something different than the bar scene and set out to create a more relaxing and welcoming place where families and friends could gather to enjoy some music and locally made wine. And so Arrington Vineyards came to be.

Arrington Vineyards was founded by Kix Brooks (of the country duo Brooks and Dunn). He wanted to create the wine country experience here in the picturesque hills of Tennessee. They have a set of 12 award winning wines to choose from, all bringing with them the tastes of this area.

One of the great secrets to the wine made here is that they use old whiskey barrels in storing the wine while it matures. So all over the property you’ll see rows of barrels holding the wine and giving it that little extra taste of Tennessee.

We parked our car and were greeted by a golf cart driver offering us a tour of the property. We piled onto the cart and made our way up the hill, past the rows and rows of grape vines, to see all that Arrington Vineyards has to offer. Picnic tables were spread out everywhere, inviting visitors to come and enjoy. You can bring your own food or there is a selection of items at the store.

The feel of the vineyards is very relaxed and unpretentious with all the charm of a Southern town. A walk through the store gave an idea of not only their wine selection but also gifts and housewares. I thought over buying the Kix Brooks cookbook they had there with all the recipes from his growing up in Louisiana but I’ll save my attempt at Cajun cooking for another time.

Besides being a place with great wine, Arrington Vineyards is also a place for great music. There are three different stages around the vineyards where artists of every genre come to perform. Some of the bands are big names (with the occasional performance of Brooks himself) while some of them are the rising stars of the area. We sat by the big red barn and listened to some bluegrass. They have a variety of music events all year long which they fondly call ‘Music in the Vines’.

What could be better than a summer day with family, wine, and music. Arrington Vineyards was a perfect place for such a combination. It is warm and welcoming with simple tastes and natural beauty-much like the people of Tennessee themselves. A wonderful new part of Tennessee to discover.

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Thanks for coming along on this visit to Arrington Vineyard. May your summer breeze carry the sound of music and the taste of wine.

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    • the wine was excellent! We wanted to do a wine tasting of all their collection but there were so many people there we decided just to go with KB signature wine and come back another time to try them all.

  1. What a gorgeous day you had in a beautiful place, Meg! I used to want to retire in Franklin. That is until I found out how their property prices had skyrocketed. We’ve been there a couple of times but haven’t visited Arrington vineyards. Guess that means another trip to Franklin – oh darn! Thanks for sharing your wonderful visit with us!

    • Oh darn, another trip to Franklin 🙂 We love visiting there and wandering through the cute downtown. Beautiful area to visit but there’s no way we could afford to live there. But if you still want to retire close by the areas just south of Franklin are still lovely but not nearly at the cost.

  2. It looks and sounds like such a a chilled out place. I am partial to the occasional glass of red, but I think it’s Sladja that would really really dig this place. Such a beautiful setting, I had never heard of Kix Brooks as country and bluegrass isn’t my particular area of music expertise ha ha. Nice piece, Meg, I hope the summer temps are not as insane as they are here across Europe.

  3. Meg, you know, it’s always tempting when we comment on blogs that we would “love to go there”, but honestly this post takes that to another level. Half way through this I turned to Michaela and said, “babe, we HAVE to go to Nashville”. Steeped in music history…vineyards…sunshine…all while you’re in the very roots of country and (in Tennessee anyway) rock’n’roll. Ticks so many boxes!

    • That is so kind of you! I think you would really enjoy Nashville. Even if country music is not your particular cup of tea, the whole music scene here is just so intoxicating and fun. It’s a great mix of music, history, comfort food, and natural beauty. If your next American adventure brings you this way- let me know and I’d love to take you around to all the places 🙂

    • Im a big fan of them too…although Boot scootin boogie brings back all those painful junior high dances. Its a great place and so far from the usual bar scene of others. It is focused on being a relaxing and laid back place that caters to everyone 🙂

  4. Looks lovely Meg. How was the wine, did you do a tasting? We love going to a winery especially ones with shops. As there are so many here we go to one every few weeks or so

    • It was lovely and laid back and I think you would really enjoy it. I saw a sign listing some of the up and coming bands that play there and saw one that I think is electric techno. Kind if a strange combination with a winery but nice to know they welcome all different genres 🙂

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