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Things to Know About Getting a Passport for a Minor

We are gearing up for our international trips this fall and in between pouring over our travel books we are also working on getting all our travel documents in line to go. And the one point that has been a hassle for us in this planning is that my daughter’s passport expired in March and […]

Be a Tourist in Your Own State

Here’s the sad truth…sometimes in our excitement and desire to see the rest of the world, we often overlook or take for granted the incredible place that we are right now. Because we see our city every day we have lost sight of the things and places that make that city so unique. When I […]

When Flying With An Infant Or A Toddler

I was flying out of Kansas City a few years ago and in front of me in the security line was a woman with a baby in a stroller and two young children. The woman had a carry on suitcase plus 2 large bags on her shoulder with stuff overflowing from it and her arms […]

7 Things In A Hiking Bag

With the beginning of a new year and a list of hiking trails we’re planning for, I have been working on getting together our hiking bag of necessities. These necessities are the things that we have learned to make sure that we take with us whenever we go hiking or picnicking or just spending time […]

Travel Planning For The Beginner

Well, here we are…the beginning of a brand new year with adventures to be had and possibilities to explore. I always kind of love this time when you consider what is coming in the year ahead and also allow yourself to wonder at the possibilities of things you would like to do. This is not […]

Florida's Best Virtual Tours

As we are all figuring out our way through this time of uncertainity and social distancing, I thought I would share some of the best virtual tours that I have found for Florida. Hopefully they will help to get through the time at home and maybe be an inspiration for places you want to see […]

How To Plan A Trip

It use to be that to go on any trip required a visit to the travel agency while these days everyone is their own travel agent handling their own travel needs. But with so many resources and opportunities available on the internet, sometimes planning a trip can seem a little daunting especially to someone who […]

I ALWAYS get the photo pass

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I take a lot of pictures all of the time. It may seem obnoxious to those around me, but I keep doing it because pictures are important. Even though we always think we will remember things, the truth is we don’t. Memory fades over time and it […]