Sesame Street- Sea World {Florida}

Getting in touch with our childhood today exploring the new Sesame Street area of Sea World made for a great time. We got to meet some of our favorite characters, try out the Cookie Monster Chocolate Chippy cookie, ride some colorfully fun rides, and even got to sit in Mr. Hooper’s store.

So if you are thinking of going for a taste of childhood, here are some things to know:

  • Seaworld is a Ceritified Austim Center, this is especially true in the Sesame Street area. Every area has a board providing sensory guides to help know if it is best for each child. There are quiet rooms available all around the park for anyone who is feeling overly stimulated to help them refocus and enjoy their time there.
  • I was surprised to find the height requirements for all the rides in Sesame Street were too tall for toddlers. While toddlers would love the shows and the characters, the rides will have to wait for a few years.
  • Along with shows and parades, they also have a story time in Big Bird’s nest area. Sometimes it is nice to have a break between excitement and this offers a perfect chance to do that.
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