Castillo de San Marcos National Monument {Florida}

When in St. Augustine, the absolute must do is visit the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. It has been through Spanish, British, French, and American control at one point in time or another but has lasted as a tribute to spirit of resiliency of all those who lived there. Walking along the battlements, gazing out towards the Atlantic Ocean, makes you think about all those coming from Europe who finally stepped off the boat onto land right here. As you go through the rooms of the fort, you get a small glimpse into life there seeing how they lived, worked, prayed, and prepared. Caught in the middle of countless wars between battling powerhouses, the fort has survived hundreds of years with only minimal damage. It is well worth the time to wander through this historic fort. If you want to learn more about this national monument, you can read more at

{Know if you go: there are costumed people giving demonstrations of soldiering traditions and weapons from different points in history- find out the times of these demonstrations because it enriches the experience of being there…and you might get to shoot a gun from the 1700’s}

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