Halifax {Nova Scotia}

Halifax is an incredible city that is metropolitan but still holding on to the maritime port heritage. The historic buildings are set against the new skyscrapers and eclectic shops and restaurants. A walk down along the boardwalk takes you past the beautiful port on one side, and the bustling of downtown on the other side. Keeping watch over the city since 1803, the Town Clock is a central point of the city. Its oddly shaped octagonal clock sits on a slope of the garrison and keeps everyone running on time. The Citadel sharing the town clock has been a fort since 1749 and is now considered a national historic site of Nova Scotia. The Citadel allows visitors a glimpse of how the fort operated with demonstrations, reenactments, and the sweet sound of bagpipes floating through the air. In the middle of the fort are two large ship masts with the idea being that any invaders coming from the port would see the masts and assume that it was more ships of the military, making it look like there were more soldiers and protectors then there really was. Halifax is such a fascinating city to explore with treasures tucked all around.

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