Mount Rushmore National Monument {South Dakota}

Take me back to the black hills of Dakota. South Dakota is home to many national treasures, but none so much as Mount Rushmore National Monument. The monument represents four U.S. presidents, each 60 feet tall cut into the black stone of the mountain. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theordore Roosevelt, and Abrabram Lincoln are now forever immortalized the face of the stone. Designed and sculpted by Gutzon Borglum, construction began in 1927 and completed in 1939. Since then, the monument has become one of the most visited monuments in the country and thousands come to pay tribute to a few of the great men who shaped the country.

{Know if you go:: While the monument is incredible, it is not as big as you you might expect. When you enter you walk through a hall life structure which has a pillar dedicated to each state showing the flag and information including date of statehood, state flower, etc. It is well worth the time to look at the pillars and learn more about all the states.}

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