Stones River National Battlefield & National Cemetery {Tennessee}

Right in the city of Murfreesboro is the National Battlefield of Stones River. This field marks one of the bloodiest conflicts in the Civil War, but was also a huge turning point in the war. At the end of 1862, the Union was in need of a victory after what felt like a permeating defeat to help boost morale. The two forces fought for days with the causalities reaching near 24,000 soldiers. It was a very hard won victory for the Union. President Lincoln later remarked how had the Union army been defeated here, the country may not have been able to recover. The Emancipation Proclamation was set to take effect at the beginning of 1863 and because of this victory it was received with greater support. Next to the battlefield is the Stones River National Cemetery which honors the thousands of soldiers from both sides who fought here.

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