Eagle River {Alaska}

There are few things better, or more postcard worthy, than scenes of wintery mountains. I love the contrast between the dark green of the pines trees set against that crisp white of the snow. And of all the winter scenes I’ve seen, one of my absolute favorites was while driving through a suburb area of Anchorage called Eagle River. It was so cold the day I was in this area that everything had crystalized. Every branch on every tree, lingering leaves on the trees, rocks on the ground were all covered in perfect crystals of ice. The effect was magic as if I’d walked into a winter wonderland undiscovered by anyone else. To be so close to such a busy place as Anchorage, but still feel completely immersed in the wild beauty of the mountains was enough to make me pull of the road and go traipsing along the paths wanting to enjoy the sight of snow and ice all around.

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