Bubblegum Alley {California}

Are you ready for the other extreme of the day? From the opulence of Madonna Inn to the far other end of the spectrum of places, I bring you Bubblegum Alley. In the beautiful downtown area of San Luis Obispo there is Bubble Alley where the walls are covered in chewed gum. The alley is 15 feet high and 70 feet long. This is by far the most disgusting, yet weirdly fascinating, place I’ve ever seen. And the fact that this place is so popular that is listed on the cities list of best things to do tells you just how much people love it. It is so popular that it even has a sign for it and you just have to put in bubble gum alley and your GPS will take you right to it. So we had to check it out if for no other reason than the sheer gross novelty of it. We chewed on our gum while we drove through downtown and then added to the growing collection using straws. The layers of gum on the walls says that this has been a favorite place for a long time. It’s best not to think too much about it because it may make you sick.

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