Bridge and Waterfall- Fall Creek Falls State Park {Tennessee}

Of all the state parks that we have visited so far here in Tennessee, probably the one that we consider our favorite is Fall Creek Falls State Park. The first time we came here we loved getting to hike through the changing colors of fall. The second time we came here was just after a massive snow storm hit the area and the waterfall was incredible surrounded by snow and ice. And now this time in the summer proved once again why we love this park so much.

view of the falls from the overlook

We started out on the suspension bridge trail since on previous visits this trail was closed as they did some maintenance on the bridge. The bridge stretches over a large gorge with a small river beneath. It was amazing to walk along the tree tops and look down across the river. The loop for the suspension bridge trail is a 8 mile loop. We went about a fourth of the way then decided to turn around so that we could go across the bridge again but also because there was another hike we wanted to do.

We always love the overlook of the falls, but today we also wanted to take the trail down to the bottom of the falls. This trail is only 1/3 mile to the bottom but it is quite strenuous because the trail is so rocky so you have maneuver your way down. It takes us awhile to do trails like this because we have Scout on his leash pulling one person as he is excitedly takes the trail in leaps and bounds, sniffing everything he can along the way, and then the other person is helping Tessa climb down the rocks while she insists that she can do it herself but also needing you to hold her hand so she can climb on rocks not meant to walk on.

But despite our dynamic climb down the trail, the trail itself and the views it gave was incredible. We passed by and under massive rock formations where the trail has been carved right into the rock.

And then we reached the bottom and got to look up at the beautiful cavern created by the ever flowing water of the waterfall. Many people were there swimming in the water and playing underneath the waterfall.

We were so glad that this visit to Fall Creek Falls gave us the opportunity to take this trail and see the waterfall from a different perspective.

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  1. Hey Meg, thanks for bringing another picturesque corner of Tennessee to my attention. Particularly love the bridge shots and the family snap at the end.

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