The Old Grist Mill-Babcock State Park {West Virginia}

On an impromptu adventure we made our way to West Virginia for a taste of what makes this the ‘wild and wonderful’ state. And we discovered the tagline perfectly fits the state. It is a wonderland of wild, natural beauty that is largely untouched by cities and industry. And true to form, our first stop of our weekend in the wild and wonderful state was visiting a favorite place of the locals- Babcock State Park.

This state park is huge with what feels like never ending miles of tree covered mountains. We drove through the area of cabins and had to stop and ooh and ahh appropriately at the incredible view of the surrounding mountains.

Then we made our way to the visitor center which sits at the bank of the river. Stone steps lead from the visitor center down to the water edge where you can get a beautiful view of the small waterfall and the Glade Creek Grist Mill which is one of the most photographed and iconic spots in the state. I can only imagine how beautiful this spot is in the full color of fall.

We made our way to the lake so we could enjoy the mile loop that follows the water edge. The trail was easy and nearly covered in rhododendron bushes on both sides. It is easy to see why this park is such a favorite. With over 4000 acres of such beauty, it is a perfect place to escape to.

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