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I have had a lot of road trips throughout my life. Up one coast, down the other, and through the middle in every which way- these road trips have taken me all over the place. In all of these road trips there are of course the places you purposefully go to, but there are also all the tucked away places that you happen to snap a photo of on the way from here to there. Some are iconic, some are interesting, some are weird. You just never know what you’ll see out the passenger window. I have quite the collection of pictures like this and I love them because they are a little passing view of the states I’ve driven through. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite of these just off the road spots.

{Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico}

Standing in the only place in the country where four states meet at the Four Corners Monument. This spot just off of Highway 160 is always a favorite stopping point anytime I am driving through.

{New Hampshire}

On a drive from Boston, Massachusetts to Bar Harbor, Maine my mom and I found this cute pint sized lighthouse in the bay. We would see many larger and prettier lighthouses but this little one would remain our favorite stop along the coast.


There is no question that the pacific northwest is ripe with tales of Sasquatch. We passed many statues dedicated to the famous creature that prowls the woods of this area. This one was so detailed and so tall that I only reached the knee.


One of the most iconic and recognizable sites in the country is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Driving across it was so great that we stopped the car so we could walk across the entire thing. It was quite a substantial walk, but to drive and walk across the bridge was totally worth it.


Driving through southern Mississippi we went past the NASA Stenis Space Center, one of 10 of these centers in the country. Hard to imagine all the work that goes into building one of these and then the courage required to ride in one into space.


Love this cowboy looking westward with lasso in hand and chaps made up of spurs. With plenty of cattle ranches in the area this cowboy would certainly fit right in. This metal statue is a great way to say ‘welcome out west’.


A long drive through the farmland of Kansas offered a break in fields of crops in the form of a field of bright purple thistles. While that would have to be miserable to walk through, the look of it next to the silos was very pretty.

{South Carolina}

We stopped in this small corner of South Carolina where we were treated with an incredible view of the mountains and the waterfalls flowing between them at White Water Falls. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at just how green parts of the country are.


We saw a few of Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park, but nothing compared to the great herds of them that we found outside the park in the open areas of Montana. Such incredible animals to see…although give them a wide berth as they can run much faster than you would expect.


Driving through Alaska there are totem polls just off the road. These totem polls are often representations of guardians, ancestral beings, or supernatural beings. They are symbolic of guardians but they can also depict historical events that need to be remembered.

There is just nothing like a good road trip and finding all these random points of interest along the way.

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  1. Oh yes, I love a road trip – and I agree that these serendipitous finds really add to the pleasure! Those falls in South Carolina look beautiful and seeing all those buffalo must be amazing. We saw some in Yellowstone but not what I would call herds.

  2. What a wonderful collection of moments from far and wide across The U.S. Meg. I’m sure they bring back some fantastic memories. Frankly, it makes us want to jump on a plane and go for it. If only either of us could drive ha ha. I particularly like the (I presume quite old photo) of you and your mum by the lighthouse. As others have said, here’s to many more road trips in life. I hope we can meet you on one sometime, someday…

    • You should do it! Hop on that plane and come on over. The driving might be a little tricky at first as you would need to get use to driving on the other side of the road than what you’re use to but I’m sure you would figure it out. That picture by the lighthouse is 20 years old, and I’ve been aching to get back to that part of the country ever since. I’m looking forward to that day when we meet up on the road somewhere 🙂

      • Ah Meg maybe one day… At the time of writing we are trying to figure out where our long term future lies. After two and a half years living out of suitcases on the road, we would like to settle for a bit and gain some stability. Perhaps even pick up a property and make a home. Let’s see how we do. Hope you’re having an awesome summer!

  3. What a fun idea for a post. Thanks for taking us along on a virtual road trip! P.S. A Colorado resident we were talking to in Glenwood Springs said Wyoming is becoming the new Colorado in terms of out-of-state move-ins looking for that mountain view and “out west” feel.

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