Driving Through Yoho National Park {British Columbia}

On our last day in the Canadian Rockies, we decided to take a drive to another national park before driving back to Calgary for our flight the next day. There are 4 national parks that make up the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks- Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, and Yoho. The pass to Kootenay was closed that day and Jasper was a little too far for such a quick trip. So we headed towards Yoho National Park, a couple hours west of Banff into British Columbia.

Like Banff, Yoho has a small town in the middle of the national park. The town of Field is the starting point for any trips to the park with the visitor center right off of the highway. This area was originally home to the Secwepemc and Ktunaxa tribes where they used the pass to get to the bison hunting grounds on the eastern side of the mountains.

In 1886 the then Prime Minister John Macdonald and his wife came through the Rockies on the newly created Canadian Pacific Railway. When he returned to Ottawa, he officially made Yoho a national park. Glacier National Park was created on the same day so there is a great debate over which park was the second national park of Canada and which was the third.

Because of it being winter, all the roads leading to trailheads of the park were closed. They were taking advantage of the few people and doing some major road construction through the park as they worked to expand the road. Though a little disappointed to only get to drive through the park and not hike in the park, we still couldn’t over the rocky peaks covered in snow.

At the other end of the park in the town of Golden we took a walk along the river where we got to see the beautiful emerald colored water that this area is known for. The water with the trees and the snow was really beautiful.

Yoho is a Cree expression for amazement, wonder, and awe. With that in mind, it seems a perfect description for the landscape here with the dramatic rocky peaks and the tucked away glaciers and waterfalls.

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Thanks for joining me for a drive through Yoho National Park in British Columbia. May you be filled with amazement, wonder, and awe at the views before you.

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  1. I think Yoho is one of the prettiest parks we have. When we came back from Asia we lived in Golden for 3 years until we moved back to Calgary so Yoho was our backyard. Wait until you see it in the summer! Maggie

  2. Your photos are spectacular; what I beautiful place! It’s interesting that there is a town located in the park; that is common in France as well. I will have to visit this park someday. Thanks Meg, great post!

  3. I’d completely forgotten about Yoho even though we stayed a night here on our BC road trip many years ago – thank you for reminding me about the beautiful scenery here 🙂 We were there in June however, but even then there was snow on the peaks!

    • I would love to go back and visit here in summer or fall and see more of the park then the road through it. Snowy peaks even in the summer- how beautiful that must be! 🙂

    • It was like stepping into a postcard. I hope next time we go we will be able to get out and see more of the park beyond the main road through it. I hope you have a great week 🙂

    • It was beautiful in every direction. Next time I would love to be able to get off the main road and see more of the park. I would love to visit Vancouver one day, I was suppose to go years ago but at the last minute I wasn’t able to go. So it’s been on my mind ever since.

  4. I agree with some other comments that Yoho National Park is one of the best! It certainly deserves a stop and not just a quick drive through 🙂 Glad you enjoyed visiting here and hopefully next time you can explore it a bit more!

    • I hope so too! We loved our wintery visit but now we’re anxious to come back and see more of the parks and hike more of the trails. Such a beautiful area all around 🙂

  5. Yoho looks stunning according to your photos, Meg! Thank you for sharing this because we can’t wait to see all four of those Canadian National Parks. I will save this post for future reference.

    • I can’t wait for you to visit up here- you’re going to love it! This whole area is just incredible. We are already planning another visit so we can see more of the parks and hike more of the trails 🙂

    • It is surprising that it’s not as busy as Banff since they are so close to each other. But I’ll never complain about fewer people in a national park 🙂 It was so beautiful there. Next time we want to go when more of the roads are open so we can see more of the park.

      • We really wanted to visit the Lake O’Hara area in Yoho last summer, but were unable to get a reservation for the shuttle bus. I guess we’ll just have to come back too to see more of the park!

  6. No hiking this time, but what a drive! Pristine fairytale-like scenes in all directions. John Macdonald did the right thing clearly, thanks for the history and the tour Meg.

  7. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I did not know that Yoho was a Cree expression for ‘amazement, wonder, and awe-‘ how perfectly fitting!

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