A Wonderful Array of Cultures

The last few weeks have been pretty packed full of multicultural activities and interactions for me. I was amazed as I sat back today and thought about all the different places that I have vicariously traveled to in a short amount of time.

The first of these came with a dinner invitation from our neighbors for some authentic and home cooked Korean barbeque. Whenever our neighbor gets homesick she pulls out her grill and we were the lucky benefactors of her cooking. The meal was fantastic and the company was perfect. I loved listening to her tell us all about Korea and the area that she came from.

Part of my job at the university is organizing events and activities for our international student population. These events are big and take a lot of work to put together and I have had two such events in the last couple of weeks.

The first of these events was an Indian Holi Color Festival. We had colorful chalk being thrown everywhere to the upbeat Indian music in the background. It was an absolute blast of color and fun.

The next big event that I organized was a break the fast dinner for Ramadan. There was a lot of food, a speaker from the local mosque, and a beautiful display of flags of Muslim dominate countries.

In between these two big events, our office had some visitors come from Vietnam. One was originally from the UK while the other was Vietnamese. I spent a day taking them on a tour of Nashville and in return they told me about their life and business there in Hanoi.

After the events and the tour of Nashville, the next big thing for me to put together is our international graduation. We always have our own international ceremony before the big graduation of the whole school. Part of the international graduation is that we give sashes to each student that represent the countries they come from. I was getting the sashes put together and it was such a beautiful representation of all the different countries that our students are from.

And speaking of graduation…I will be joining the celebration of graduates this semester! I have my last paper to complete and then I will graduate with my Master’s degree. My paper is on Celtic symbols and their history, meaning, adaptations, and resurgence into popular culture. So when I’m not working on cultural events for the students, I’m diving into the ancient Celtic culture. Only 4 more weeks till it is all said and done.

I guess if I can’t be traveling to all these places right now, the next best thing is to have small moments of enjoying the cultures in whatever way I can. It has been kind of a whirlwind of events and experiences lately, but what a fantastic ride it has been too.

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  1. A wonderful array of cultures here! The Korean meal reminds me of similar ones we were served in North Korea, and the sashes are lovely! Congratulations on coming close to finishing your masters, your paper sounds very interesting.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I really love all the sashes all laid out and ready to given to the students, it is actually one of my favorite things about my job. And Korean barbeque is probably my new favorite food.

  2. What a lovely week with a vast array of experiences! We loved our time in Seoul, and would love enjoying a traditional Korean meal, as well as the others. Congratulations on your graduation Meg! Well done!

  3. It’s not a bad job you have eh? Amazing experiences that indeed seem to take you to places all over the world without actually going. How fortunate to have such lovely Korean neighbours. Holi is something I would love to witness in India. Perhaps from an elevated balcony somewhere with a beer 😉 Huge congrats on your upcoming graduation, Sladja and I are very impressed. Celtic symbols!

    • Thank you Leighton and Sladja! 🙂 With only a few weeks to go I will be impressed if I can get it done by then. I would love to be part of Holi there in India. Back in Utah they held a big Holi at the Krishna temple every year and it was amazing to be in the middle of that color and energy- I can only imagine the magnitude of being there in India for it. And Korean barbeque is probably my new favorite food. Not that I want someone to feel homesick, but if it comes with such a great dinner then maybe it’s okay 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your masters, Meg! I know it hasn’t been easy with working, being a mom and wife, traveling, and everything else you do. I’m sending you a virtual pat on the back, a high five, and a hug.

    • Oh Kellye, thank you for the virtual pat on the back, high five , and hug- I feel the love from here and I appreciate it 🙂 It has been a wild ride for sure and I can’t believe it’s almost done.

  5. I think you have a dream job Meg, how wonderful it all sounds being able to organise these international events. Also congratulations on your Masters degree. No mean feat with a job and family commitments. Well done x

    • Thank you Marion 🙂 I could just burst with joy knowing that I made it to this point…that is if I can get my paper done in time. These events are definitely one of the highlights of my job, I love feeling a small part of the home the students are so far away from.

  6. I love the idea of the coloured sashes for grads based on their home country. It must be so colourful! Congrats on (almost) completing your grad degree! Maggie

    • It is fun getting to be part of so many cultures and to get to know so many students from so many places. Thank you! I’m excited to be so close to being done. It is a master’s in liberal arts so it has involved classes in English, history, art, anthropology, political science, etc. It has been great to dive into so many areas within one program. 🙂

        • I have received a lot of invitations, but have yet to test the sincerity of them. But I have a great list of places to go and things to eat that I have collected from them so whenever I make it to that country I’ll be more prepared 🙂

  7. Congrats on completing your Master’s degree!! That’s amazing! I love the different sashes that are representative of where your international students are from. It certainly sounds like you’ve been busy!

    • Thank you, I am really excited about it and excited to be a little less busy when it’s done 🙂 The sashes are absolutely one of my favorite parts of my job- I love seeing them all laid out and then seeing the students wearing them at graduation.

  8. Your life is incredibly busy and diverse Meg. Sounds like you have a wonderful job that you really enjoy. Your students must love you. Congratulations on completing your masters!

    A late comment I know but I’m gradually going back over the posts I’ve missed the last few months

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