The Gingerbread House- The Grand Floridian Resort {Florida}

Wandering through the Grand Floridian Resort you can’t help but to be caught up in the sheer elegance and romantic sensibilities of such a hotel. And with the holidays, it is all the more stunning. Besides the beautiful Christmas tree in the center, there is also a massive gingerbread house and it is incredible! I love gingerbread houses and the detail and creativity that turns a cookie into a work of art. But this house surpassed anything I’ve ever thought about gingerbread. It is nearly life sized and entirely made out of gingerbread, icing, and fondant. What a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit!

{Know if you go:: This is completely free to enjoy. They sell goodies from the house where you can buy a shingle from the house or a tile from the roof and other great goodies.}

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