Grand Turk {Turks and Caicos}

Turks and Caicos- a beautiful group of islands in the Caribbean- is a popular cruise port. This is especially true for the largest capital island of Grand Turk. And it is no wonder why when you see that clear blue of the Caribbean gently hitting on the soft white sand. But beyond the cruise ship scene this is an incredible island full of discoveries.

welcome to Grand Turk

The name of these islands come from a kind of cacti that can be found all over the islands. These short cacti with the red tops are known as the Turks Cap Cactus. They make up the Turks part of the name while Caicos is another name for cacti.

Wild horses and wild donkeys roam around the island. We went to visit the lighthouse at the far corner of Grand Turk and were greeted by a herd of friendly donkeys coming up to us and letting us pet them.

The small towns around the island are full of colonial style building with colorful accents. The outdoor market features beautiful crafts made by the locals. Restaurants serve up Conch for a delicious treat.

One of the most noteworthy parts of Grand Turk’s history was that it was home to a part of NASA for 30 years. In 1962, after completing his three orbits around Earth, John Glenn touched back down to earth near Grand Turk.

Put all of this together with the brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean and you have one of the greatest destinations.

Thanks for joining me today on a tour around Grand Turk island of Turks and Caicos. I could happily go back to these views anyday!

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