Jungle Adventures Animal Park {Florida}

We decided to try out the Jungle Adventure Park this last weekend. The entrance is the world’s largest gator ‘Swampy’. They want to give visitors a taste of the real Florida so the park is set in a swampy area where alligators of all sizes and kinds are free to roam through the waters. It was a little disconcerting walking down the paths where only a wire fence was between us and the alligators. Along with alligators, the park is also home to a number of different animals, all of which can be found in the wild of Florida. We got to see wolves, a black bear, lemurs, pythons, and we saw the swishing tail of a panther from his cave. It was a quintessential Florida experience seeing so many alligators in one place.

{Know if you go :: There are a few shows including watching a massive feeding of the alligators. If you would like to feed any of the animals, you can purchase a bag of food in the gift shop with specialized food for each particular animal. If you choose to feed an alligator you feed one of the babies and not the full grown alligators. There are guided tours though the park and large groups can take a boat ride through the water of the park and get an upclose look at the alligators.}

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