Roots of Knowledge- Utah Valley University {Utah}

With the beginning of a new year of grand misadventures and new things to learn and ways to grow, I’ve been thinking a lot about an exhibit at the university that I use to work at. The Roots of Knowledge exhibit is a series of tall panels of stained glass that circle a section of the library. It took 10 years to complete but the finished display is nothing short of mesmorizing. You can stand and look at it for hours and hours and still not see everything that it has. Every piece is full of intricate details representing people, places, music, literature, science, religion, math, pop culture, and on and on. It would be impossible to fully grasp everything that it shows. With the beginning of the year, I feel that this exhibit perfectly shows how we grow and change and influence individually and collectively and encourages each of us to look toward the new year with open arms of all that it has in store for us.

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