St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 {Louisiana}

So this might sound weird…but I love wandering through cemeteries. The history of the cemetery and the people buried there is fascinating. And one of the best cemeteries to visit is in New Orleans.

New Orleans has a multitude of cemeteries to explore. But of all of them the most popular to visit is the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. This cemetery was established in 1789 and is rich in the Southern Gothic style.

Because New Orleans sits below sea level, early settlers to the area started burying their loved ones in above ground structures of marble. Many families will share a tomb so they create them with an entry way of sorts that can be taken out and built again after the departed as joined the family.

It is here that the famed voodoo queen Marie Laveau found her final resting place. Admirers of hers will leave small pebbles or other tokens along the doorlike tombstone of the voodoo queen and mark the side with series of XXX.

Actor Nicholas Cage also has a place dedicated in this cemetery for when his time comes to shuffle off the mortal coil. He was so enchanted with the culture and the area of New Orleans, that he bought his spot in the cemetery and had commissioned a pyramid tombstone to mark the place.

This cemetery is hauntingly beautiful and and absolute must see if are in New Orleans. Thanks for joining me in New Orleans favorite cemetery!

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  1. No you’re not strange…cemeteries are often fascinating places to visit and in a way are a part of uncovering a city’s history, and how it came to be what it is today. However I don’t think I want to be booking my place in any cemetery anywhere, not just yet, anyway!

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