Fautaua Valley Trail {French Polynesia}

Of all the beautiful hikes I have taken, by far the most amazing of them all was hiking in Tahiti on the Fautaua Valley Trail. This trail took us through the lush greens characteristic of the island.

Near the top we reached the overlook to the waterfall. The waterfall is 980 feet to the ground and stunning to behold.

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We kept hiking until we got to a part with a steep incline going downward a little ways. This part was so steep that ropes had been set up to help visitors maneuver down the trail.

But the steep incline was worth the trek because it led us to the top of the waterfall where a series of small pools flow into each other until they go off of the cliff into the great waterfall. These pools seemed so magical and with the light playing off the water surface. and ended at the top of a waterfall where a series of small pools cascaded down into the waterfall.

This hike is absolutely one of the best things to see in Tahiti and I can’t recommend it enough. {Know if you go :: In order to hike this trail you will need to get a permit. Permits are inexpensive and can be purchased at the welcome station and at the government buildings. Or if you go with a tour, they will handle the permits so you don’t have to.}

Thanks for coming along with me on this beautiful hike in Tahiti. Where is your favorite place that you’ve ever hiked?

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