Short Springs State Natural Area {Tennessee}

On a scenic drive from Murfreesboro to Manchester we happened upon the Short Springs State Natural Area. We hurried and turned around back to the trailhead and parked the car. Then we hiked, our first hike in a long time, and it was wonderful! The fresh air, the trees, the walk was all so good for the soul. A little ways up the trail was a sign for the Collier Horn Bridge which led us over a beautiful misty stream surrounded by rocks and trees. The hike was great, the bridge was lovely, but playing in the dripping water from the rocks was the favorite. So beautiful!

{Know if you go: this is a absolute gem of an area but it is out of the way. Be sure to have your GPS on so you don’t miss the trailhead like we almost did. The bridge is very sturdy, but there are a few spots where the wood feels soft from all the exposure to the elements.}

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