Tombstone {Arizona}

Anyone who is interested in the old west has heard of ‘The town too tough to die’ of Tombstone. Originally settled in 1877, it became one of the largest boomtowns in silver mining in the country. And with the promise of silver, the city drew thousands of people in hopes of striking it rich. But with so many people flooding towards this small town, tensions soon surfaced. It was here that then legendary Eurp brothers along with Doc Holliday held their gunfight against the cowboy outlaws. Even though the movie portrayals of this gunfight have it at the OK Corral, the truth is they fought in an empty field outside of town. Only 10 years after the settling of Tombstone, a fire broke out and destroyed the pumping plant which was a key element in the mining. The city became a ghost town, but managed to survive because it was the county seat. These days Tombstone draws a lot of tourists as they come to see reenactments of the gunfight at the OK Corral and get a small taste of life in the old west. It gives someone a small feel of being too tough to die themselves.

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