Cave of Wonders National Park {Dominican Republic}

One of the most amazing places to visit while in La Romana is the Cueva de las Maravillas -Cave of Wonders National Park. Cave of Wonders…just the name gives you goosebumps of anticipation!

As you enter the park you make your way through the lush green of the island. And then you come to an iguana sanctuary where thousands of iguanas roam and live as they are watched over by the park rangers. There are separate areas for the males and females. And one enclosure had hundreds of iguana babies running around.

Then you come to the entrance to the caves where visitors go down a series of steep steps to the mouth of the cave. The cave opening is covered in vines and would be difficult to notice.

Originally named the Jaguar Caves, later it was renamed as the Cave of Wonders when in 1949 Professor Francisco Richiez Acevedo visited the caves and believed that the caves revealed so much beauty to those we came. With the images created in the stalactites and stalagmites within the caves and the artificial lake that reflected the beautiful forms and caverns cave of wonders was more fitting to this incredible place.

The real treasure of the park however is the hundreds of pictographs from the ancient Taínos people that lived here on the island thousands of years ago. There are 472 pictographs in the caves depicting people, animals, shapes, and mythical creatures.

This national park is incredible! While the caves themselves are amazing to be in, the pictographs that give a look at the ancient people are the stars of the caves. No visit to La Romana is complete without a tour through the ever beautiful Cave of Wonders.

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