Cave of Wonders National Park {Dominican Republic}

One of the most amazing places to visit while in La Romana is the Cave of Wonders National Park. Cave of Wonders…just the name gives you goosebumps of anticipation! This national park is incredible! While the caves themselves are amazing to be in, the real treasure is the hundreds of pictographs on the wall from the ancient inhabitants of the island, the Taínos people. Getting to the cave you pass not only the lush greenery but you also pass by an iguana sanctuary where thousands of iguanas roam and live, watched over by the park employees. The stairs down to the entrance of the caves is a little steep, but once there the walk through is easy. The caves are such a myriad of tunnels and columns and formations that it leaves you transfixed on such geological wonders. No visit to La Romana is complete without a tour through the ever beautiful Cave of Wonders.

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